Shine Girl Moonshine

Created by Danielle Parton

It is more than just an outstanding Moonshine; it is the culmination of my unique family heritage. My family legacy includes a little bit of everything. We are superstars, dirt-poor mountain folks bootlegging to support their families, law enforcement, and even commercial & military pilots (that’s me!) Shine Girl Moonshine gives a smooth finish making every day a little better. Enjoy a glass (or two... we don't judge....or count) of my Family Heritage and unwind today.

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Hey There!

My goal for Shine Girl is to create a line of spirits created by and with women in mind. I have a theory, if women will drink it, men will buy it!

Have you ever had a shot, or even a sip, of a whiskey that was a throat scorcher that made you want to vomit, cry, and do a weird dance just to get you through it? It's kinda like what a divorce is like. Me too.

I'm Danielle, a combat veteran, pilot, and I like to relax and unwind from life without worrying about a throat scorcher so I created Shine Girl.

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    If women will drink it, men will buy it

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    Shine in all you do

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1610 Jenkins Road
Sevierville, TN


Shine Girl is closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Day. Winter hours start Jan 1st and run till mid March.