Family History

Family Legacy, Legends, and Arrest Records

Making whiskey (moonshine) plays a unique role on both sides of my family, the Parton and the Noland families are from Wiley Noland Rd, Sevierville, TN.

Yes, that Parton family. Dolly is number four of 12 kids. My dad, Bobby (not Robert), is number five. My Mom is Doris Noland Parton and was best friends with my Aunt Stella, number 6, growing up.

My Papaw Lee Parton was known to make a little Shine to help support his family. My Mamaw Avie Lee Parton wasn’t thrilled with this idea, but it happened all the same. Probably less thrilled with him being the primary tester than a distiller!

Just down the road, my Great-Grandfather Wiley Noland was also known to make a little. His moonshine still was in the cabin. However, when his brother, Sheriff Ray Noland, was on the hunt for illegal moonshine operations, it just so happened that neither his nor Papaw Lee’s got shut down...

You see, Papaw Wiley was also a part-time deputy when Uncle Ray needed him. You might be thinking too, but just maybe, they knew the law was coming. I’ll let you decide.

Papaw Wiley also raised honey bees and made molasses with my Mamaw Edith. To this day, my Great Aunt and Great Uncle still raise bees and sell honey in the same spot.

"To this day my Great Aunt and Great Uncle still raise bees and sell honey in the same spot."

"Papaw Wiley was a character if he was anything. Not known as an exceptional farmer, he did keep his family alive on what he raised and what they could kill."

The story goes that one day Papaw was leading a mule down the holler. Apparently, the mule wasn’t cooperating. Somehow the mule managed to kick over a hive of bees! Both Papaw and the mule were stung hundreds of times. There were no doctors and even if there were, there was no money to pay them.

Well, my friends, the mule died! Not Papaw. The mule. Needless to say, the mule was less stubborn. Mamaw and Papaw also made molasses. Probably more sorghum, but we always called it molasses.

"When I decided to try my hand at making shine, I decided I wanted to include not only what they did, but also use honey in place of, and in addition to grains or sugar.

Thankfully, I stumbled on a delicious recipe that Shine Girl drinkers will enjoy!"

Through my journey, my Mom’s baby brother, my Uncle Dale Noland has been my whiskey makin’ buddy.

We work pretty well together. After some trial and error, we now know what side of the kitchen we both need to stay on while distilling.

I think Uncle Dale had ulterior motives hanging out with me. When this started we were both single and he seemed to think I had pretty good looking friends. Now he’s sticking around because, as he says, he “wants to ride my coattails”. Plus, he hopes I publish the picture of him in his overalls with the strategically placed Clorox stain in the crotch. You don’t get to pick your family folks!

Making shine is still a family affair for me and I invite you to join the Shine Girl family and start your journey with us.